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Documents for Sewer District Dedications

Upon completion and testing of the construction of a sanitary sewer improvement, a District representative will issue a Letter of Completion & Compliance, signifying to the owner/developer to begin the dedication process. All dedication documents shall be submitted within 60 days of receiving the Letter of Completion & Compliance. 
Documents to be submitted include the following:
  • 1 Final Set of As-Builts - Paper
  • 1 Final Set of As-Builts - Mylar
  • 1 Final Set of As-Builts - Digital
The owner/developer shall submit final as-built drawings to the District prepared by a licensed surveyor or engineer. The set shall include one paper, one mylar and one digital submission per Hamilton County's Digital Submission Standards.

Please refer to TriCo's* Dedication Ordinance 02-12-2007 and attachments below. 

Dedication Ordinance 02-12-2007

Dedication Attachments 02-12-2007

*Formerly Clay Township Regional Waste District