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The Utility is sincerely concerned with the safety and welfare of its employees and the public it serves. To these ends, the Utility will take every reasonable precaution to assure the safety of its employees. It also acknowledges as a public entity the need to provide a safe environment for the public that uses our services.

Safety Manual

In order to perform public services without accidents, it is the responsibility of all Utility employees to contribute to that end. The following principles should guide our efforts:
  • Accidents can be prevented.
  • Safety is the mark of skill and good sense.
  • The Utility is sincerely interested in safety and is willing to pay in time and money to prevent accidents.
  • Safety is a personal responsibility, as well as a supervisory responsibility.
  • No job is so important, and no services so urgent that we cannot take time to perform it safely.
  • We owe a moral obligation to each other and to the public to do everything possible to prevent accidents.
  • Our work areas and equipment should be kept as safe and clean as possible.
  • As hazards are noticed, they should be reported to supervisory personnel as soon as possible.
  • You should report all unsafe conditions encountered during your work day.
  • You are not expected to undertake a job until you have learned how to do it safely and are authorized to do so by your supervisor.
  • All injuries must be reported immediately to your supervisor.
  • Compliance with safety rules, is a condition of employment.
  • Safe workers benefit themselves, their families, their fellow workers, and those they serve.

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