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The Utility's collection system is the network of underground pipes, manholes and pumping stations used to collect wastewater from businesses and residences. Once the wastewater has entered the collection system, this network transports it to either TriCo's Michigan Road Wastewater Treatment Plant or to the City of Carmel Wastewater Treatment Plant near 96th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway where TriCo owns reserved capacity.
The system has been under almost continuous expansion since the Utility was formed, primarily due to the explosive real estate market demand over the last decade for residential and commercial development in the southern part of Hamilton County.
The network is monitored through a SCADA (telemetry) system and allows remote access for monitoring and controlling system functions at lift stations and the Utility's treatment plant. The infrastructure is maintained with the help of an asset & work management software program provided by CarteGraph.
  • Over 310 Miles of Sewer
  • 5810 Manholes
  • 24 Lift Stations
  • Serves over 14,000 customers
  • With an average 4.4 MGD collected a day
Maintenance Responsibilities:
  • Sewer line cleaning to keep the lines flowing. The Operations and Maintenance staff has a goal of cleaning the entire system within 3 years.
  • Televising to identify weak areas in the system. Video cameras are run through the lines to find damaged or failing pipe, blockages and locations of laterals.
  • Smoke testing to identify unnecessary sources of  inflow such as rain water.
  • Odor Control
  • General upkeep of equipment and facilities.

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