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Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Project is on schedule. The elevated slab was poured for Vertical Loop Reactor 4.  Crews should be ready to pour the elevated slab for Vertical Loop Reactor 3 in the coming weeks. Air piping, electric, and painting continue in the new blower building. Piping and excavation continue for the new clarifier. The clarifier's base slab should be poured in the next few weeks. Ultra-violet equipment has been installed and is operational. Some work remains before startup is officially complete.

The Lift Station #17 Replacement Project is moving quickly.  Atlas Excavating has had up to three crews on site and an additional subcontractor was hired to complete directional drilling work for the new force main. Gravity sewer work has moved into 121st Street, and work at the lift station continues. The $1.6M project is still behind schedule. The substantial completion date of April 29 can be reached with this extra help..

A few minor items remain to be completed for the Return Activated Sludge Pumping Modifications Project, as well as the Lift Stations #3 & #18 Panel Replacement Projects.

We are developing a scope of work for several projects  including Splitter Structure Odor Control, Digester 3 Aspirator Replacement, and VLR-RAS/WAS Automated Wasting. Construction should take place this summer.

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