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About Our Offices

Planning for the Clay Township Government Center began in 1995 with the selection of local architect Mark Swanson & Associates in order to construct Township administrative offices and a new fire station for the Carmel Clay Fire Department. Bidding was completed in 1996 with construction of the facility by the R. L. Turner Corporation taking almost a year. Around Memorial Day weekend 1997, the building was ready for occupancy with the Fire Department, Clay Township Assessor, TriCo staff and the Clay Township Trustee moving into their new quarters.

This facility was a joint project through an inter-local cooperation agreement between the Township Trustee and TriCo with the Trustee remaining as the principal owner and TriCo involved as a minority owner. Funding was coordinated by the Township Trustee through a bond issue, Trustee funds on hand, and TriCo's contribution. The Township Assessor leases space in the facility.

In addition to the Fire Station and Township government offices, the facility also boasts a training room which can accommodate up to 120 people. The Township Board and TriCo's Board of Trustees conduct their regular meetings here and the training room is available for use by local community based organizations and others under requirements established by the building's Management Committee. The Management Committee is made up of the Township Trustee, the Carmel Fire Chief and the TriCo Utility Director.

We hope that when you are in the area, you will stop in and visit. Construction of this facility has had a positive effect on the surrounding area through the provision of additional fire protection services and greater accessibility to Township officials. A side benefit has been the increased level of investment in surrounding properties which have virtually all been renovated since the Government Center project began.